donderdag 7 april 2011

Still looking around for a new netbook or laptop.

I just checked my bank account and I have enough money. So I was googeling around for low end machines. They already sell the dual Intel netbooks but they are only 1.5ghz per core. And the videoperformance is not a lot better then the older netbook graphics performance. The GPU is 2 cores of 200mhz if I understand it correctly. The GPU can run quake 3 at almost 60 frames per second.

They sell a lot of laptops with good performance and at a good price. But they are bigger then the netbooks and I place the thing on my lap when I use it. The netbook that I have does not get to hot. You do not feel the heat at all. I remember having a laptop that got pretty hot.

It was in 2008 that I bought the netbook and the newer ones have bigger hard drive space. I have 120gb here and the new ones have 250gb. Though I have enough room left and I do not install a lot. I mostly use the netbook for surfing and programming.

Maybe I will buy a new netbook tomorow. I will see.

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