zondag 3 april 2011

Reading through Internet Source code.

Looking through this code. I do not understand how it uses vectors in it.

I found this site which has a skeleton/template of a game on it. The game applet seems to be jurky/laggy/not smooth. It uses system milliseconds for timing the movement. I think I will keep researching threads for games.

In the code on the site it uses polygons to draw the ship graphics. In the Ship class a boolean array is used to store the coordinates of the shape of the polygon. There is also a Public Ship being used and the boolean is called ship. The names are the same but the difference is the lower and upper capital use. I am looking how this is used.

I see a command called rotatepoint. This is useful.

The game example seems to be using a class called Bullet and is stored in an array list. What are Objects?

Maybe Objects are something like procedures that you place in Classes. And what are Methods?

I find that objects are things like variables and the special things that Java has like vectors and rectangles.

I think I read that Methods are like things called procedures.

Reading through.

A 3d starfield example which has a star class. It looks like in the opening of the source code that the class is being made a array. classname[] followed by a vaiable that must be the arrayname object class thing. this is being looped/iterated through.

The code on the linked page above shows how to make multiple things (are classes called objects to?) Useful.

I still have no idea that if you put the rendering of objects in a thread if it will cause errors. I read that programming with multiple threads causes errors if game data is changed/modified. I also read that synchronizing is something that can be used to stop that. Still I need to read and search more until I find something that I can understand.

I read that John Carmack used two threads for one of his games. I also read that you should not use more then one thread. But I also read that you can only use multiple processor cores if you use multiple threads. And having more processor power is essential. I remember my game being slow if I use lots of things in it.

Looking for names of simple games.
Atari classics.

Using search keywords : awt import applet -package <name of game> in google.

Missile Command - Found a broken version - can not fix it. Found a simple version which works.
Tempest (weird game)
Lunar Lander - Found a broken version - can not fix it.
Gravitar - found nothing in the top page.
Crystal Castles - found nothing in the top page.
Battlezone - Found nothing in the top page.

Looking for more names :

The site below has a big list of arcade games.

1942 - found nothing
ghosts n goblins - found nothing
commando - found nothing
mega man - needs graphics
zaxxon - found nothing
ironclad - found nonthing
castlevania - found nonthing
ghoul patrol - found nonthing
cybernoid - found nothing
hero - found nothing
r-type - found nothing
golden axe - found nothing
airwolf - found nothing
astro battle - found nonthing
lemmings - found nothing
choplifter - found nothing
dig dug - found nothing
frogger - found a broken listing
galaga - found one but needs images
donkey kong - found nothing
out run - found nothing
pang - found nothing
scramble - found 2 page not loading and requires image files
sea wolf - found nothing
space invaders - found a bunch of work in progress and a tutorial
zoids - found nothing


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