dinsdag 8 april 2014

Planning part of Civilization game code

One of the type of games that I want to  make is the civilization like game. For a long time now I am learning how to program a civilization clone. The last few weeks I have been programming the worker automation and artificial intelligence of it. I got to the point where I have code that creates a map with cities and worker units that improve the map with roads and irrigation. I am working my way towards creating a more completed and civilization alike version. I am getting better at it.

It has been months since I posted on this blog and I think that I need to keep adding code to it. I am currently in the process of repeatitly retyping what I have in my main language blitz basic. I get to about a thousand lines per version. I think I wil be able to create a java version of it. It wil have pathfinding and map generating in it. 

I have no idea when I wil do this but I am sure I wil do it. Keep a look out for it.

Here is a link to a video of a older version.