vrijdag 1 april 2011

Tips/ideas for finding java sourcecode/listings in google - search keywords

For finding sourcecode that you can paste/load into your java editor/compiler I use the following search keywords.

java applet import awt - package
(This will show in the google results sourcecode of java applets)

By using words that are used in sourcecode/code google will sometimes place pages with sourcecode in the result.

More search ways :
Java awt import applet game
Awt import extends applet
awt extends applet game
awt extends applet drawimage
awt import applet maze generator
awt import applet drawimage paralax scrolling
awt import applet drawimage slopes
awt import applet <yourideas>

Search Instruction for searching a java game programming forum :
site:www.java-gaming.org/ awt import applet -package
site:www.java-gaming.org/ awt import applet

Use the words that are used in java sourcecode and that you want to see in action as search words.

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