dinsdag 15 mei 2012

This blog might be blocked starting 30 may 2012

I got a reminder in the email that I need to transfer the blogger account into my google account. But my blogger username is not found on the conversion page. This means that my blog might stop after may 30th and that I need to start a new one. I have no idea what the login problem might be. I have a blogger username so why it cannot be found is a mystery to me.

Well if this is one of the last posts then I might have started a new blog about game programming. I might call it about the same name. Java game programming step by step or so.

Edit : I have replied to the support email of the notice that I can not converse so I hope to hear something soon. I hope this works.

Edit2: I did not get a reply from the support email adres of blogger but I did look into the support forum. There was a post about my problem and it said not to worry about this. You automatically are converted to the new method if you used the blog after the new license.