donderdag 17 maart 2011

Spending time studying from a java programming book. Planet earth not that evolved yet.

I bought a beginners java programming book a couple of years ago and spend time reading thru it. The book is not that well organized and lacks the needed details but I am starting to learn. This weekend I will have more time to read thru the book. I will also study from a javascript book.

I also spend some time looking to find out if there were more info on good books. But the quality is low and bad reviews seem to dominate. Humans can barely prevent a nuclear disaster. Google will not show how the needed information to prevent disasters on top. Bad results.  Sharing the good things is problematic. I hope better politicians start to appear in the future and will start to introduce things that will boost the intelligence of people. I will not vote on dumb politicians. When will they place their raport cards online. They barely understand how to connect with people. If you write them smart emails then they will pass them thru to other politicians. But email is so hidden.
I am worried that agressive people will stay agressive for many years to come. The education system is not good at all. Bad books and bad teachers and bad students and bad parents. A lot of people that cause problems in the future. Huge badly organized religious cults. Few people influencing the way things are going to be done. Recently a political party suggested that certain schools should let the students and parents know how effective a certain study direction would be in the future. Unemployment is a big problem and what should you do in order to be succesfull. The search engines are difficult to use.

I hope the Internet and computers will help the evolution of the human race. I hope it is not a waste of time learning how to use computers and the internet. Hell it is better learning on the internet about criminals then being angry at them and wanting to kill them. Thousands of years we punished (tortured and killed) people and now we can begin to find the needed information on how the human body works and how to fix it. Do you smash a computer if it makes mistakes. I did when I was younger. Dumb thing to do. I am still not that smart. I to feel anger.

Be smart and keep studying.

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