donderdag 31 maart 2011

Reading about Spatial partitioning / cell space partitioning.

I have spend  a good amount of time yesterday thinking what kind of examples/snippets I am going to make. I also have been reading in my java book. And have also been looking through examples/tutorials/snippets for mainly platformer games.

I have made a dozen or so platform games and was trying to put things out of existing games in. I have programmed movable blocks, disapearing tiles, springs, gravity, ladders/ropes, bullets, moving tiles,  lifts, water, ai and a lot more. I have been thinking how I would do things that I have not done yet. Things like climbing/sticking/moving on walls and ceilings and platforms and springs that launch you in other directions.

It has been a while since I programmed a game and I can not seem to remember entirely how I did the collision with objects and such. I remember making loops that loop thru all elements(slow) but also checking a short distance of the player for object collision/intersect checks. That kind of checking is called spatial partitioning. I am reading about it. It says something  about using lists. I am also looking at that.

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