zondag 13 maart 2011

Research into language switch and availability of resources

I got interested in programming when I had a Amiga 500 computer. A Amiga 500 had only a 7 mhz processor and 512 kilobytes of memory. This was in the years of the late eigthies and early ninetees. I was interested in Assembler programming but since there was no internet yet I could not figure out how to program with this language. I bought Blitz Basic and started programming in that. I did not learn a lot about programming.
I got a pc and started programming in qbasic and visual basic. I switched to Blitz Basic for the pc. Computers got faster.

At the moment I have a Netbook which has a Atom processor at 1.6 ghz. The GPU for the graphics runs at 200Mhz. The electricity usage is lower then that of more expensive Notepads. You can pay up to 30 euro's a month for using a desktop with monitor that uses a lot of electricity. I remember the bills. A netbook can run a game like quake 3 which was played in the late ninetees and early twothousands. I checked demoscene demo's and a good selection of demo's and intro's work on the netbook.

I stopped using Blitz Basic and spend time looking into different languages. I found that Java is the most used language at this moment. There is a game programming forum on the internet which has about 30000 registrered users. The Minecraft inventor and programmer is a member of it to.

I spend hours looking up tutorials and sourcecode for java but could not find very good material. I used google. In the future I would like to be a good allround game programmer. The last searches I did was into flocking behaviours. I had the idea to program a battlefield and need to move troops(ovals) into position. I could not find sourcecode yet. I would like to learn more about real time strategy game programming. I did find several applet internet pages which contained a little bit of information. I need to search into how to find the individual coordinates out of a drawn line. This so I can move troops(ovals) with it. I also need to search how to drawn lines the have bends and how to get the individual coordinates from it.

I could not find good particle tutorials or sourcecode for java yet. Particles seem to be a good way to improve the goodlookiness of games. I have never programmed effects like particles that look blurry and smudgy and that seem to give of light. I hope to find a good resource.

There is something underneath the s key. I not always responds correctly.

The Monkey language of Blitz Research was released a couple of weeks ago and I follow the information on that. The language does not have image containers in memory so I decided not to use that language since i want to createand modify  images from code.. It looks like a load and paste kind of language. The language seem difficult to learn to. The documentation is bad since there is no example per language command. The lack of good examples make it hard to learn to. There is almost nothing to find on the internet that you can use to learn how to use the programming language.

I checked and blogger can contain java applets so in the future I will be able to put real time strategy game parts and platformer game parts and turn based strategy and action game parts and other game sorts parts as applets in the posts. All with sourcecode. I also did a quick lookup with google into free hosting and unlimited bandwith and webspace is available for free at this moment.

I also look at books as a source of information on programming but find that game programming books are not good enough. There is not a good book with descent gaming knowledge in the basic and c++ and java language. I would like to learn more about platformers. 8 bit game like spiderman, the part where you web and swing is something I want to make. Also physics is something I want to learn. I made a first part of level 1 of the Amiga game the Adams family and most books do not master that level of programming. I do read the reviews of books. And I check google books. I will continue to investigate game programming ebooks and books in the hope of finding that quality level material.

the website freecountry has a lot of programming language references. I was not able to find anything in it.

At this moment I am bothered by stomach acid. It feels anoying. My back sometimes also hurts. I do want to continue researching learning game programming in java and Monkey. I also keep track of news sites. The earthquake in japan was something big. It is still going on.

I do believe that I will stop using Blitz Basic 3d and +. Java seems more mature and faster to. I found information that it is as fast or close to as fast as c++. I also find information that the language is a lot slower.

Old java Applets seem to be badly supported by the google chrome browser. Language differences over the years seems a bad thing.

I have a java programming book. It is written in the dutch language. It is not that good but it might be usefull for when I am not using the internet and have spare time.

Well this is the first post.

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