maandag 6 februari 2012

Studying a* algorithm

I have 3 more examples for the weblog but they are still on the notepad. I am on a other computer at the moment. I do not know when I will place the examples on the weblog.

Yesterday and today I have been reading through a* sourcecode and Internet pages. At the moment I am studying a a* routine that I got from the Blitz Basic website code archives. I have been modyfying the code so that only paths through a random map are created. When I looped the program I got out of bounds errors and I fixed those. Also there is a error I think with the setting of the G cost. I am still learning how the variables are made and used and placed in the a* algorithm. The whole thing is still a mystery to me. I have little understanding of a*. I think that every a* tutorial on the Internet is badly written. Also the book that I have explaining pathfinding  routines is bad.

I think I will convert the code to Java when I have spend more time studying and modifying the routine. Or if I understand the code (not likely) I will be making my own.

A* is one important routine for turn based strategy and real time strategy games.

btw. I have also switched to the new blog interface and now the account is mixed with google+. But that account is in another language.

Edit : The code is broken. I do not know if it is becourse I modified it or if it is becourse it was broken. I will look at the code some more and see if I can fix it.

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