zondag 21 augustus 2011

Gaming and surfing.

I a'm playing games and not doing any programming. I also spend a lot of time surfing the Internet. I have almost 1500 visits to my weblog here since I started. This is quite a lot. Certain code gets a good number of hits.

I have a couple of posts ready to be published. One is a Sim City road thing. In that applet roads automatically connect to the neighbouring road. I learned to do this in the 90's. It is one of the best things I can do. I am not that great a coder.

I do not know when I will start programming again and when I will add those last code posts to the blog. Maybe I will do it next.

The games I have bought with Steam and am playing are not that good. The notebook has a touchpad and it is buggy in games. Civilization 3 was the most adictive game I played in a long time. I can program a couple of features from that game myself. I like spending time figuring out how certain things can be programmed from the games that I play a lot.
At the moment I am listening to music from the Mod archive. I downloaded gigabytes of mod music and am compiling a list of the best music which I will probably blog sometimes when it is big enough. There is not a lot of good music in the gigabytes of music. But sometimes there is a good song to be heared. Some of my own music is in the Mod archive. I already heared one song while listening to the collection in random.

I bought this book on artificial intelligence and am sorry I spend money on it. I sometimes check it and have learned something though. How to correct paths with the pathfinding thing.

I do spend time thinking of programming. I have a 4 thread computer and am not able to find a good source of multithreaded programming programming information. The dual core 2.66 ghz processor I have is fast and I  do not read anything on how to use the speed to the max. I use one thread of the 4 available. This is bad. In a couple of years I will probably have a 4 or 6 core processor so I wonder why I have such a hard time finding multithread examples or a new language that has this automatically done.
Java is the most used language on the planet according to certain sources so there is more on the web about it I guess. I am dissapointed that there is so little good and cool examples and tutorials on how to program things from games. I really would like to program my own Civilization and Command and Conquer and other things. But the Internet is only 20 years old and such and things are hard to find.

Java 7 is out and is broken I read. The loops are not working as they should. I read I should wait a couple of months until the bugs are repaired. What I can find on Java 7 is not that much. Nothing about speed increases of multicore things. Still I will upgrade when the problems are repaired.

I follow a few things on the Internet. One is the P Project. This is a blog about remaking Powermonger. I got the idea to buy that Artificial Intelligence book from that Blog. There is not that much activity in programming on that blog. But I do follow it. Though the graphical direction it is going into is discouraging. I was hoping for a remake of Powermonger with as much as layout and style alikeness as possible.

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