woensdag 22 juni 2011

Not programming for a while

I bought a new notepad. It is a Intel Core i5-480 with 4 gb of ram with Intel HD Graphics. I had a old Steam Account and Halflife 2 ran good on the new notepad. Since Steam has a option that allows me to buy directly from steam I bought a set of games. I have been playing these.

I also installed the Java sdk and Jbuilder but have not really programmed anything yet. I was working on an platformer Ice Sliding example but I have been playing games to much to finish it.

The notepad has a problem though. The cursor keys sometimes do not respond if you keep them pressed in. I have been back to the store but they could not notice it. They said to reinstall the windows and to try a different keyboard to see if that has the same behaviour.

I do read the Java gaming forum daily and check the statistics for this blog. At the moment the isometric example has 18 views. The pathfinding example also usually has a good hit count.

My copy of the book Game ai by Example has come in. I had to mail the bookstore since it took ocer a month to get a link to a download. The book is bad. It is short and not that well written. It has math that I do not understand. I wish there were better books but I have not seen any.

I am drinking a beer at the moment and still have some housekeeping to do. I also am going to get some food.  Then I will probably surf the Internet for a while and play a couple of games. I also bought Civilization 3 again on steam this time and will maybe play it. I have a game where I am stuck on a desert section of a map. I remember that you can finish the game without fighting. I did have to pay money to a other player once.
I programmed a bunch of Turn based game things and have a bigger turn based game that I wrote. I will write Turn Based game examples for my blog. Civilization 2 is my all time favourite game but they do not sell it online as a download for as far as I can find. I lost my old copy. I am certainly going to buy it again if I find it anywhere.

I am also looking for other games to buy and have used Youtube to view game play footage of games that looked interesting. So far a space strategy game and a Halflife mod looked like a buy.

I do think of programming when I am in my bed. I was thinking of how to make bots but it seems difficult.

Well I am going to finish my beer and will go get some food and start kooking.

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