donderdag 22 december 2011

This weekend - and steam sale

I think I will be programming this weekend. I think I will make the fog of war example and maybe other things that I have had on a list.

I have been playing a lot of games recently. There is a steam end of year things sale and I bought the quake pack and the Unreal pack and the game gta san andreas. I have been playing some quake 1 online and was totally humiliated. I could stay alive for a couple of seconds before I was fragged. I played quake 1 in the 90's and got pretty good at it but now I play on a notepad and this is harder.

I also have been thinking on a game example while I was lying on my bed. The game Rampage, I want to keep the example simple and short so I have been going though the features.

I am cooking at the moment. The patatoes are not done yet. I am eating peas, goulash and patatoes. This is what I eat a lot. It is cheap and done pretty quickly. I am saving money for next december so I can buy a new notepad. This time I will buy a more expensive model. I think I will pay up to 800 euro's for a notepad then. As long as it has a big hard disk.

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