zondag 18 september 2011

Preparing Amiga Rodlands and Bubble Bobble platform example

The last couple of days I have been watching videos of Rodlands and Bubble Bubble. I have been thinking about how to program the games. I want to either program a couple of features out of the games or a one level example for the weblog.

I still need to study the videos more. The features I have been going through I have never done before so it will be a challenge. But I am doing exercises and drinking beer. I have no idea how soon I will be programming the game programming examples.

On a other note. I have read that the things to get started with on the Internet with java is dissapointing. I agree with that. It took me quite a long while to get a grips with Java and game programming. Java is the most populair programming language but there seems to be a lack of good game programming resources. There are a couple of books but they are not that good.

I am going to get some suplies now. After that I will keep thinking on how to program the game examples for the weblog.

Update :
I have not done anything with rodlands and bubble bobble yet. I can not sit and program for some reason. I keep deciding to do other things in stead.

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